March 2, 2012

Firm(ish) Friday

Welcome all the new dollfaces! Good to see you round here.. Firm Friday is a weekly post I do about keeping yourself accountable for getting your ass in shape. I'm not talking Jessica Alba 2 months post pregnancy shit. That's bananas. I'm just talking about feeling good enough on the inside to have a little extra swagga on the outside.

You know what's firm about my friday though? Not a goddamned thing. Yep.

Last week was a clusterfuck of nonsense that led me to hit the gym only in my mind. Then I had the hangover of all hangovers because of THIS girl over the weekend. I love me some Nicole. Most spunky and adoring thing this side of the Mississippi that is actually now calling the OTHER side of the Mississippi home (Austin - like woah jealous). I had five glasses of wine in 5 hours and managed to be the queen of the porcelain god for a solid 60 minutes on Friday night.  Hangover + Toddler + 6am wakeup call = FUCK MY LIFE.

we will miss you nicole!

So, needless to say my Firm Friday is more of a soft and squishy with a side of 'yeah right' and 'bitch please.' But I did make it to the gym yesterday. Progress. Something is always better than nothing. Unless we're talking about Ryan and clothes because lets face it, I'd pay good money to see all dat.

I am still on track for my 5k, although 'training' is being used really loosely. More like I see that goddamned app on my phone and it mocks me with every sip of wine. But priorities, people.

Did you get your ass up and the lbs down this week? Link up dollfaces.



Shannon Dew said...

Girl one day is better than none days.

Ashley said...

I had a sad workout week too due to a friend being in town. The gym is just not worth missing time with a friend (and drinking too much wine)!

SG to SP said...

Well yesterday since I got home early thanks to H's dr. appt. we took him and Moxie on a 4 mile (!!!) walk and the first 2 miles were up hill. I was so tired when I got back and my legs hurt all night but it was nice to get some exercise for a change. Only 3 months til bathing suit weather.

*Katy* said...

LOVE YOU! I entered :)

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I walked around the god-forsaken zoo for an entire day. Does that count??

AllyceR said...

Isn't it lame these days as a mom that five glasses of wine lands us on the bathroom floor?! I am way to scared to have over two beers for fear of what it may do to me!

And as for the working out...there's always next week!

melifaif said...

I keep giving myself a pep talk....and......then......nada. I really got ta get moving. The ass is NOT cute. Fo real.

Melissa said...

Gym? What is that?