March 12, 2012

Sleep is for loser babies

Did you know that its possible for 19 month olds to have temper tantrums ON you? Like, kung fu gripping your face, while flailing their arms, and kicking their toes into the ground? Smith, I have to hand it to you dude, you manage to keep things interesting.

What a crazy weekend. St. Patrick's Day parade with bountiful green beers, plenty of DIY projects, and next no no sleep. Except for the time yesterday morning that I forgot that the time changed and thought that Smith actually slept until 7:30. Silly mommy. Sleep is for loser babies.

bestie and i have the best lookin kids this side of the Mississippi

well hello there handsome

When I finally get around to picking the sleepies out of my eyes and release the kung fu grip Smith has on my thigh, I'll be back with more details. Until then... Congrats to the two winners of the Fashionable Baby Boutique giveaway!

Heather! You won:
  1.  Petti Romper
  2. Matching Bow or Headband 
Britt! You won:
  1. 2 pair of leg warmers

Shoot me an email and I'll get you in touch with Ashley.



*Katy* said...

Ok he may be a pain in the butt like our little dude, but he makes up for it with that ADORABLE face :) (and I'm totally jealous y'all already had your parade! ours is this Sat. and I'm SO excited!!!)

Kodi said...

It's a good thing the Smithster is so dang cute.

Colleen said...

He is so adorable! And it's hard to believe he's only a month older than Flintstone. He looks so much older (in a good way!).

Yeah, Flintstone is also in the "sleep is for loser babies" boat. At 5am today when I was supposed to get to sleep until 6.

Melissa at Tall Blonde said...

We had a tantrum of epic proportion on Saturday night and she clawed my neck, which was awesome and made me feel all sorts of loved.

They're way fun.

It will be hard for her to out do herself on that one.

We shall see.

Good thing these kiddos are so cute :)

amy said...

I was the same way with the sleep!!! I every considers for second moving their schedules an hour to always keep them sleeping til 730am... then night time rolled through and tandrums where full force and bedtime was resumed. UGH!! I am glad there is another mommy who has a sleepless child. It does make me feel less alone.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Jamie smacked me in the face on Saturday. In public. So that was fun.

Why did we want kids again??

At least mines a loser baby and sleeps. (most of he time) Otherwise I may have to get rid of him.

Kidding. (sort of)

Britt said...

Wahoooo! Yay I won!

and sleep? what is that???

melifaif said...

Efff!!!! You had my attention, completely, until I realized I didn't win. But it's! I am loving your early celebration of St. Patty's...all of you guys are way too cute. Cheers!!!!

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

the mental image of this tantrum is AMAZING.

and i love love love your smith necklace!

Nicole Marie said...

Ryan smacked head butted(on purpose because he was angry) me so hard in the noes once i almost smacked him across in the fave in the middle of starbucks.

Heather said...

Thank you!!!!